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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Help me identify a cartoon show!

When I was a kid in Mexico, there was this cartoon show about a little knight that rode a grasshopper, and his squire was a roly-poly bug (he might've been a ladybug, I honestly don't remember). They would go into battle with other bugs. I don't think the cartoon itself was Mexican, but I could never really tell, since I don't remember them actually speaking; they always made funny noises to each other, kinda like the Minions, in Despicable Me (so they might've been speaking a different language). I watched the show in the late 80's, but it might've been older than that.
I really wish I had more info to go off of, but this is all I remember. I vaguely remember what the knight looked like, so I put a picture of him here, in hopes that someone can help me identify him.
Help me out, The Internet! And thanks in advance!


EDIT: Found! It's an old Polish cartoon, called Przygody blekitnego rycerzyk (Blue Knight Adventures in English; Las Aventuras del Caballero Azul in Spanish.)
Thanks to greaterumbrage.tumblr.com/ for finding it for me.

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