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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Boss Fight - Mirror Knight

The Mirror Knight is the last boss, and is also above all three of the previous bosses, both in power, and in authority. The knight is clad head to toe in a suit of armor polished to a mirror sheen, and its mask is also of the same material. When one approaches the knight, one can become confused, as the closer they get to the knight, the more and more the knight begins to look like them. The knight fights with no visible weapon, relying only on its ability to reflect everything back at the attacker. The Mirror Knight is the most dangerous of all three foes, since it knows what the attacker's intentions are from the start, and due to its uncanny ability to mirror and reflect everything presented to it.

Okay, so, the reason the armor is unfinished is because I couldn't think of a good design for it, so I'm gonna have to improvise something for the final painting.

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