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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still alive!

My wife got me this awesome sketchbook for Christmas, as well as some pencils and pitt pens, and this is the first 'real' sketch I did on it (I've done more, but they're mainly for testing out the paper.)
Her character Laele, in her superhero persona (I've been in a comics/superhero kick lately, so this was a lot of fun.)
She ended up looking more cartoony than what I would've liked, but it only took me about 30 minutes and I didn't really plan it.
In the future, I might revise it with a little bit more forethought. In the meantime, here you go.


  1. what do you mean, "superhero persona"? She's clearly just an Alchemist wearing a mask :P

    1. Well, I designed a couple superhero themed costumes for her and she picked the one that looks the most like an Alchemist, so blame my wife for that. I'll post the other ones in here later.

  2. I can see her traveling the Pronterian rooftops, throwing acid bombs and whatnot on burglers.