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Monday, January 30, 2012

Manly... guys?

Anybody here read Manly Guys?
About a month or so ago, I decided to draw a bishified Commander for Coelasquid, the comic's creator, just for the hell of it, but never did finish it. Well, it turns out, she beat me to it. I mentioned it to her because I found it amusing that we both had the same idea, and she said she wanted to see it.
So I finished it tonight. I had to go through an official! (imaginary) checklist to make sure I got it right.


1. Crazy fucked up anatomy (pecs are square... right?)   -Check!
2. Adonis-like flowing gold mane?   -Check!
3. Replace every article of clothing with leather?   -Check!
4. Comically over-sized accessories?   -Check!
5. Flawless skin (no hair below the forehead! Ew!)   -Check!
6. What's a waist?   -Check!
7. Fucking sparkles or some shit!  -Check!
8. Weird, creepy-ass 'I want your penis, even though I'm totally straight' look?   -Fuckin' check!
9. Kawaii shit and my name with "-san" attached to it?  -Hell yeah!

Please, no critique. I already know he's perfect. And gorgeous.

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